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16 de Abril, 2014 · Leather Goods Factory

Founded in 2004, Piel&Mer  is a spanish company dedicated to offer their services for the handmade manufacture of luxury leather goods. Since their beginning and over the last 10 years, Piel&Mer has grown to currently become one of the best luxury leather goods factories, working for the most popular brands in the World.
In Piel&Mer we work day after day to attend and fulfill client's needs, making and adapting products to the designs and qualities... Continuar leyendo
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23 de Febrero, 2014 · Leather Goods Factory
traditional handcraft making as well as a thorough quality control, are the mainstays of the ethos and methodology of work of Piel&Mer . By means of our traditional know how on handcraft leather goods, together with the use of the latest technologies, we manufacture the high quality leather goods demanded by the most prestigious international fashion brands.

Piel&Mer  means quality in the leather goods manufacturing for international fashion and luxury brands, that trust us to ... Continuar leyendo
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07 de Febrero, 2014 · Leather Goods Factory
In a previous post, we wrote and showed a short video about the process of cutting the leather using different techniques. This time we would like to tell you about the two main types of cutting dies that Spanish Leather Goods Manufacturers use in their Leather Workshops ,
Precision Cutting  are made by using CAD/CAM technology (the same technology used for making embossing stamps) It’s a 100% automatic and precise process. These cutting dies are more costly but it is the best option... Continuar leyendo
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29 de Enero, 2014 · Leather Goods Factory
We have just received the official figures about Manufacturing in Spain in the Fashion Industry (Textile, Shoe and leather Industries).

According to the official figures, the fashion manufacturing industry in Spain is gaining competitiveness. The Industry is getting record figures on exports and its Industrial Production Index (IPI) has increased by 20%. Leather goods and shoes were amongst the top three most produced products with more than 24 million units... Continuar leyendo
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02 de Agosto, 2013 · Leather Goods Factory
Ubrique in Cadiz, is a Spanish populations dedicated to producing quality leather for leather goods production in general. You can say that Ubrique is the birthplace of the skin in Spain to manufacture leather goods of all kinds, among which are ... Continuar leyendo
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05 de Junio, 2013 · Leather Goods Factory
Founded in 2005, Piel & Mer is a Spanish company dedicated to providing service to the crafting of luxury leather goods. Since its inception and throughout its more than seven years of existence, has consolidated as one of the best factories in ... Continuar leyendo
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13 de Marzo, 2012 · Articulos de piel

PIEL&MER (Trade Mark) is a Leather Goods Company, 100% UBRIQUE, manufacture Leather Handbags, Wallets, Diaries, Key rings, cigarette cases, Wallets, Business Gifts, we have a long career, our articles are distinguished from the rest by their value for money, we have a wide range of collections, we have sales agents in all communities including Spanish Canary Islands. We manufacture to international firms, if you are designer clothing and leather accessories you want to add feel free... Continuar leyendo
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Somos una empresa dedicada a la fabricación de Marroquineria , situada en Ubrique (cuna del artículo de piel), provincia de Cádiz, formada por un gran equipo humano, al que consideramos el activo más valioso, con gran tradición en la elaboración de artículos de piel. 25 años de experiencia en el sector marroquinero nos avalan y garantizan una calidad excelente.
En la actualidad nos dedicamos a la

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Piel&Mer , es una marca registrada de articulos de piel y marroquineria de Ubrique , somos fabricante y distribuidores de las marcas Piel&Mer y El Cocker , nuestros productos están fabricado en Ubrique , para la producción de nuestros articulos contamos con marroquineros de muy alta cualificación profesional , fabricamos y diseñamos modelos en exclusiva para marcas de prestigio internacional , fabricamos todo tipo de articulo de piel y marroquineria , bolsos , carteras , billeteros, monederos , agendas , joyeros , fundas de ipad , llaveros , pitilleras y todo tipo de complementos de piel .
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